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20+ years of most trusted expert services in chimney restoration, chimney sweeping and cleaning, masonry design, and much more. We keep your chimney safe and cozy with expert cleaning and repairs.

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Chimney installation and repair services by CHIMNEY AND STONE MASONRY LLC
Welcome to chimneyandstonemasonry

Professional and Efficient Chimney Maintenance Services

Chimney and stone masonry LLC has served over 100 happy and satisfied clients. We have a team of professional chimney sweepers and experts who have helped repair tricky chimneys,  fireplaces, and dryer vents in townhouses, apartments, and commercial and residential buildings.

We promise our clients;

High Competence

We are fast, efficient, and promising in what we do

Safe Procedures

All safety protocols followed for best chimney services

100% Licensed Safe Chimney Cleaning & Repairing Services

We go beyond simply fixing chimneys. Our services follow standard safety protocols without compromising on any of our procedures.

What Do We Offer?

Complete Chimney Sweep & Inspections

Our precision and quality come from our knowledge of diverse expertise, which is why we give a 10-year warranty. Repairing and cleaning services can often be tricky. With our technical assistance and diverse experience working in different residential and commercial areas, we guarantee the best handover experience in New Britain, Connecticut.

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Complete Chimney Sweep & Inspections

Our Best Exclusive Chimney and Stone Masonry Services

Business with us is more than just getting clients. We ensure we are taking time to study your chimney condition, what kind of repairings will be required, what exactly needs to be done safely, and what kinds of issues you can face now or in the future. Some of our best services include;

Installing Custom Caps and Flashings

Getting custom caps and flashing prevents unwanted debris buildup and roof leakage in your chimney and roof space. Our premium high-graded chrome steel caps will keep your chimney space safe.

Water Leak & Condensation Repair

Tired of a leaking roof? Water leaks are one of the top reasons for chimney and fireplace mismanagement. It gets tricker to spot where the leakage comes from. Only an expert can spot the leakage, so you choose us!

Masonry Placement

Harsh weather conditions can damage masonry if not installed correctly. Lucky for our clients, we have a whole team of outstanding masons who can get the proper fixes done at the right time.

Repair & Restoration

No repair and restoration jobs are too big or small for us. Whether it's masonry repair, tuckpointing, rebuilding chimneys or relining the flu, we aim to get the proper repairs done.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Stand Out in Our Space?

Professional Services

We are well-crafted in what we do. We have repaired and built hundreds of chimneys, which is why we are known for offering the safest services in New Britain, Connecticut.

Budget Friendly

As industry experts, we offer our customers the most affordable and flexible plans. Whether you are looking for renovation, building the complete project, or simply doing a construction restoration, we have a set price for everyone.

Free Consultation

We want to prioritize your satisfaction over everything else. With our free consultation, you can look in-depth into how we are operating and what services will help us keep your chimneys in place.

Our Capability

Come for The Quality Stay for the Experience

An excellent standard masonry chimney repair ensures that the finalized product can withstand years of weather abuse without deteriorating or chipping away. We follow the latest protocols and safety procedures to ensure our work stays in place.

Permit Approvals
Secure Roof Approvals
Full 10-year Guarantee
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Our Latest Project

Keep your Chimneys and Roofs With Our Oustanding Services

Chimneys are more than to beautify your home. It’s an integral part of the entire roofing system. Being mindful of what goes into chimney work beyond repair makes us stand out more than others.

Chimney Cleaning


A good chimney cleaning can beat you to half the repair cost. Our service includes preventing structural damage, getting rid of debris and soot, and ensuring the chimney's insides do not deteriorate over time.
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Chimney Repair


A misplaced chimney is often the first sign of a chimney repair. If left unchecked, the whole roof system can come crashing down. Our entire range of fireplace repairs can make your chimney look as fit as new.
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Chimney Inspection


Getting an annual inspection is essential to keep your place safe. The kind of material that goes into your chimney determines what the proper repairs for your roof will be.
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Chimney Cap Installation


Chimney caps are essential to prevent debris, animals, and rainwater from entering your chimney. We offer various chimney cap options to fit your needs and protect your chimney.
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Fireplace Cleaning


In addition to chimney cleaning, we provide comprehensive fireplace cleaning services to ensure your fireplace is safe and efficient. We remove any buildup of soot and debris to prevent chimney fires and improve air quality.
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Emergency Services


Bad weather can cause heavy damage to your chimney and knock it down. With our 24/7 emergency repair services, we can save you from foundational property damage in no time.
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What Our Customers Say

Keep your Home Safe and Secure With Us!

Understanding what you need at the right time is why we are so good at what we do. Let us give you the satisfaction of a job well done and in place you need! Contact one of our experts to get your free consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check our FAQs below for quick answers or contact us for more help. We’re here to keep your chimney in top shape!

Worker preparing a new brick chimney on a rooftop

Yes, absolutely. Once a thorough inspection is done, the chimney repair team will immediately take action to use all kinds of repair methods that stabilize the structure of your chimney.

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It's crucial to keep the foundation of the roof in check. The chimney’s inner flue will be completely sealed and restored to its original condition. Any blockage, damaged flue liners, structural compromise, or aesthetics can be compromised if the chimney fixing is not done on time!

Based on our emergency services, our team is always on the go in the snow, rainfall, and extremely windy conditions to assist you immediately in getting your problem fixed.

Based on the material that goes into chimney making, anywhere between 50-100 years is good enough. However, if you have metallic chimneys installed, you might have to get an inspection done every few years since the lifespan is between 15-20 years.


Mr. Kwame Mcgill

Hello! We’re fully licensed and insured, specializing in all things chimney and masonry. Our services include chimney repairs, rebuilds, roof flashing, and cleaning for woodstoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and furnace flues. Integrity and pride are at the heart of everything we do.

Kwame mcgill - Chimney And Stone Masonry Owner

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