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Chimney Repair Connecticut Services in Connecticut

Our chimney repair services are one of the top-rated and most famous among our clientele. We go the extra mile to ensure all your requirements are met in one go without you having to invest in any expensive chimney repairs.

We Use Tuckpointing in Our Chimney Repairs

Our repair services also come with repairing more than some chimney cracks. With our exclusive restoration service, you also get the mortar working to ensure your chimney has more reliable years to work on.

Brand new Fireplace Inserts

We provide safe fireplace installations that adhere to all safety protocols by our team of experts.

Custom Steel Liners

All types and sizes of chimney liners have been designed to fit your chimney perfectly no matter how old or new the chimneys are.

Smoke Chamber Restoration

We make sure the whole fireplace has the correct framing and smoke-tight fit to keep the smoke swiftly going.