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Chimney Cap Installation in Connecticut

Chimney and Stone Masonry LLC is your trusted partner in providing the highest quality customized caps, installation, and maintenance services all year around.

We deliver top-notch craftsmanship with solid installations and the appearance of your chimney. Chimney caps protect the chimney from water leakage, animal intrusion, and debris accumulation. After the initial inspection, our team will devise a customized cap installation shape and adjustment.


We Use Different Types of Chimney Caps in Installation

Our installation services also include more than simple chimney caps.

Our exclusive chimney cap installation services also help you identify the type of chimney cap and the kind of flue, and we use different parts from the manufacturer.

Following are some standard chimney caps used commonly in Connecticut;

Fit over Flue

It helps with steady air flow and can be secured based on size and chimney dimensions. Our professionals handle cap installation more efficiently and steadily.

Friction Fit

Friction-fit chimney caps are securely tight and keep things tight. If you want a friction fit, you must involve professionals to help you get a friction-fit chimney cap.

Multi- Flue Cap

Multi-flue caps are the most challenging cap installation, covering more than just simple chimney tops. They are best recommended for covering chimney crowns.