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Fireplace Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Chimney And Stone Masonry LLC has repaired and cleaned over 100s of fireplaces in Connecticut. Our exceptional team of fireplace cleaners is best known for keeping your chimneys airy and safe from any smoke buildup and hazardous fires.

How Often Do Chimneys Need Cleaning?

In Connecticut, chimney cleanings mainly depend on the frequency of their usage, which includes several factors, such as the type of fuel used, the condition of the chimney, and its maintenance. Here is a checklist to look out for when scheduling chimney cleanings;

Strong Odor in House

If you are experiencing a strong smell in the house, mainly from your fireplace or dryer area, this is your cue to get your chimney cleaned ASAP.

Smoke Buildup

Anything that smells smoky or fishy is another sign of compromised chimney blockage and debris catching fire.

Debris Buildup

Find animal drooping or leaves stuck in the chimney passageway. Get chimney cleaners involved ASAP for speedy cleanings.

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